Prof A Greenhalgh

Welcome to Math 206.5: Intermediate Algebra and Precalculus. This Website contains almost everything you will probably need to function in the course broken down by sections as you can see on the menu. I suggest never missing a class, never being late to class, especially asking questions as often as you like, and always doing homework as assigned and on time. If you do not understand something, simply say “Professor, please do that again!” In addition to everything I have suggested and will suggest, google topics on the internet. There are some very nice videos on the Internet which provide some good explanations of many concepts we will be covering. Beware, however, because the video presenter may explain things differently from me. I will also record every class which will appear on my Youtube Channel. The course moves fast, but hopefully never faster than it takes for everyone to acquire a good understanding of the course material. Keep up to date. When I assign homework, it is the homework indicated to the right on the Course Outline and is always from the Workbook. Do the homework and prepare questions you may have. You are required get a Scientific Calculator, but Graphing Calculators and Cell Phone Calculators are not permitted. Under textbooks I have indicated 3 very good free ones. The textbook recommended by the department is tenth edition; Roland E. Larson; Houghton Mifflin Company, Boston, Massachusetts, 2018. As far as I am concerned you can use any textbook you wish. I have two scheduled office hours, Tuesday and Friday, 1 PM – 2 PM; however, if you wish to meet with me for tutoring, send me an email and we can schedule a Zoom Session just for you at both of our conveniences even on weekends. We will meet at 1 PM every Monday and Thursday. I will send you the link and Zoom information for every class a day before. The class will be divided into three parts: the first part is the homework review at the beginning of the class followed by two segments in which I will be teaching a new concept. We will have a 20 minute break between the two lessons. Each part will be recorded and placed on my Prof A Greenhalgh Youtube Channel. Use these videos as a valuable resource. If you have any concerns email me at Good luck!!!!