What You Need To Do To Pass This Course
Read This Very Carefully Throughout the Semester

  1. Become familiar with this website, www.profagreenhalgh.com. The Class Calendar of Events, the Course Outline, and All Homework Assignments are contained on the website.
  2. Do all homework assignments when they are due which will always be the class before each Unit Test, Midterm, and Final Exam. In other words we will go over every homework assignment in the class indicated on the Course Outline as Review.
  3. Come to class on time and do not miss classes. Most students who fail, do so because of poor attendance and lateness.
  4. Get a notebook with a lot of pages. Take good notes of everything I do and say in class. Your “textbook” will be the class notes. Study for tests using the class notes.
  5. Maintain contact with me at ajgreenhalgh@gmail.com for ANY questions you may have and to keep me updated in the event you are absent. I will respond to you within a short time.
  6. If you like to do a lot of extra problems, go to MyMathLab.com.
  7. If you would like to ask a question of an actual person, there is free tutoring in the Mathematics Departmental Math Lab in Room S 535. Tutoring is available 7 days a week!