Borough of Manhattan Community College
City University of New York
Mathematics Department

Course Outline for Math 206.5
Intermediate Algebra and PreCalculus
Prof A Greenhalgh

Workbook Reference: BMCC OER Workbook
All HW Assignments Are From BMCC OER Workbook 

Lesson Topic Homework Assignments
Chapter 1: Functions & Their Graphs
1.1 Solving Equations 5-6/1b,h,j
1.2 Solving Absolute Value Equations 10/h,n, 12f
1.3 Linear & Compound Inequalities 16-17/1h, 2b,f
1.4 Absolute Value Inequalities 22/3b, d
1.5 Rectangular Coordinates 25/2d
1.6 Graphs of Equations: Circles 33/1b, 34/2f
1.7 Linear Equations in Two Variables 40/5c, 41/6b,d
1.8 Function Notation 47/3b,f 48/5b 49/6b 50/6c
51/2f,2j 52/9d
1.9 Transformations of Functions: Graphs of Absolute Value Functions 56/2b
1.10 Systems of Linear Equations in Two Variables and Applications 66/7d 67/8b
Chapter 2: Polynomial Functions
2.1 Factoring Trinomials 73/1b,1h, 74/3b, 4b,d,f, 76/6f,h
79/13d, 14c,d
2.2 Complex Numbers 81/1c,2b,4b  82/5b,d, 6h  83/7b, d
2.3 Solving Quadratic Equations by Factoring, Completing the Square, & the Quadratic Formula 85/1c,f 86/3d,f 87/5d
2.4 Quadratic Functions/Transformations 93/1, 2
2.5 Cubic Functions/Transformations.Polynomial Functions of Higher Degree 102/7b  103/10   104/11
2.6 Division of Polynomials/The Remainder Theorem & Factor Theorems 107/2a 108/5 109/6b (b), 8
2.7 Zeros of Polynomial Functions 113/3b 114/5a, b, c
Chapter 3: Rational Exponents
3.1 Properties of Exponents 5- 9/1b,e,h,k,n,q 2b,c,e  3b,h
3.2 Rational Exponents 11-14/1b,e   2b,d,i 3b,e 4b,h
3.3 Simplified Form for Radicals 18/1b,o
3.4 Addition and Subtraction of Radicals 20-21/3b,f,g
3.5 Multiplication of Radicals 23/1b,e 24/n
3.6 Division of Radicals 27-28/1b  28/2b 3b
3.7 Solving Rational Equations 30-32/1b,h, 2d
Chapter 4: Rational Functions
4.1 Rational Expressions 36-38/2b, 3b,d,f  4b,d,h
4.2 Multiplication & Division of Rational Expressions 41-43/2d,j 3f,J
4.3 Addition and Subtraction of Rational Expressions 45-47/2l,n,p 5b,d,h
4.4 Complex Fractions 51-53/ 2b,d,f,h 3b
4.5 Solving Rational Equations 56/-57/1b,f,n
4.6 Graphs of Reciprocal Functions and Transformations 65/2b,c
4.7 Rational Functions 69/2b,3b
4.8 Partial Fractions 75/1a,c
4.9 Variation TBD
Chapter 5: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
5.1 Algebra of Functions & Functions Compositions 86/4b
5.2 Inverse Functions 92/4b 93/6a
5.3 Exponential Functions TBD
5.4 Logarithmic Functions 106/1b,e,2b,h,3b,d 107/5
5.5 Properties of Logarithms 114/3b,d 115/4e,i
5.6 Exponential & Logarithmic Equations 117/2d 118/3b,d,i 120/6d,h
Chapter 6: Trigonometry
6.1 Radian and Degree Measure 6/3b,c,e, 4b,e,5b
6.2 Trigonometric Functions: The Unit Circle TBD
6.3 Right Triangle Trigonometry 12/1b  14/5b,c,e
6.4 Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle 18/3b,c 19/4b,d,f
6.5 Graphs of Sine and Cosine Functions 22/2b 23/3 & f(x) = 2 sin (1/2)x + 2
6.6 Graphs of Other Trigonometric Functions TBD
6.7 Inverse Trigonometric Functions 37-38/4a,c,e,i
Chapter 7: Analytic Trigonometry
7.1 Using Fundamental Identities 41/2b,d,f
7.2 Verifying Trigonometric Identities 43/b,d,f,j,L
7.3 Solving Trigonometric Equations 46/Pt B/1b,d,j 48/n
7.4 Sum and Difference Formulas 49/Pt B/1a,b 50/2a,b
7.5 Multiple Angle and Product to Sum Formulas TBD

Course Requirements:

1. All students must attend every class and arrive to class at 1 PM. If you will be late, email the professor.

2. Four class tests will be given during the semester. The professor will drop your lowest grade and then use the remaining 3 grades to compute an average. This average will count as 70 % of your semester grade. The Final Exam, given on the last day of the semester, will count as the additional 30 % of your grade.

3. I do not have regular scheduled office hours. Send me an email requesting a meeting or tutoring and we will work out a time convenient to me and to you five days a week not including Monday or Thursday.

4. There are no D, D-, or D+ grades for the course. Students pass the course with the overall score of 70% (C-) or higher. Any student earning a 69% or lower receives a grade of an F unless they receive a grade of 60% or higher on the Final Exam. That student will receive a grade of F, but be permitted to advance to Math 206 without having to repeat 206.5.