1. Please check this website, www.profagreenhalgh.com on a regular basis for information regarding this course, including links to all curriculum outlines, calendar of events, practice test homework assignments, and MyMathLab.

2. Students should use MyMathLab for extra practice. Students should also go to the Math Lab in the main building in room S535.

PDF download of  Math 8 Course Outline: Prof Greenhalgh’s Semester Course Outline (PDF)

1 Course Intro, Whole Numbers Part 1 HW #1: Whole Numbers Practice Test, 1-9
2 Whole Numbers Part 2 HW #2: Whole Numbers Practice Test, 10-20
3 Whole Numbers Review for Test  
4 Whole Numbers Test  
5 Fractions Part 1 HW #3: Fraction Practice Test, 1-3, 11-14
6 Fractions Part 2 HW #4: Fraction Practice Test, 4-10, 15-19
7 Fractions Review for Test  
8 Fractions Test  
9 Decimals Part 1 HW #5: Decimals Practice Test, 1-8
10 Decimals Part 2 HW #6: Decimals Practice Test, 9-20
11 Decimals Review for Test  
12 Decimals Test HW #7: Midterm Practice Exam
13 Midterm Exam Review  
14 Departmental Midterm Exam  
15 Alegebra Part 1 HW #8: Algebra Practice Test, 1-13
16 Alegebra Part 2 HW #9: Algebra Practice Test, 14-20
17 Alegebra Review for Test  
18 Alegebra Test  
19 Percents Part 1 HW #10: Percents Practice Test, 1-14
20 Percents Part 2 HW #11: Percents Practice Test, 15-20
21 Percents Review for Test  
22 Percents Test HW #12: Final Exam Review Part 1
23 Final Exam Review Part 1 HW #13: Final Exam Review Part 2
24 Final Exam Review Part 2 HW #14: Final Exam Review Part 3
25 Final Exam Review Part 3 HW #15: Final Exam Review Part 4
26 Final Exam Review Part 4  
27 Departmental Final Exam  
28 Final Exam Review Part 5  
29 Departmental Final Exam, Second Try, Last Class  

Things You Must Do To Pass This Course

1. You must come to class every day on time.
2. You must have a notebook and copy everything including rules, problems, procedures.
3. You must study the notes you take after each class.
4.You must do all homework assignments when they are due.
5. You must avail yourselves of extra help provided such as MyMathLab and the Math
Lab in Room S535.
6. You must pass the Final Exam with a grade of at least 70% to pass the course.

Classroom Conditions

1. There will be no cell phone use whatsoever including calls, texting, internet use. If
phone use is necessary, the student must step outside of the classroom.
2. Calculators may not be used during class for lectures or during exams.
3. Students may not eat or drink in class.
4. Every student must respect the right of any other student to ask questions.
5. No student may speak when the professor or any other student is speaking.
6. There is no communication of any kind between students permitted during an exam.